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What we do

We specialize in repairs of a defective control units.

A repair of ECU is technically demanding operation and requires an extensive electrotechnical experience and special equipment.

Car service stations with wide range of services are mostly not able to „go inside“ the control unit.

Testing and repairs of control units, software modification and data coding are provided by specialized companies in the field, among which we belong to for over 7 years.

Our engineering department also cooperates with experts from Germany, the Great Britain, Poland, Russia and China. So we always strive to have a wide range of products for you, that goes hand in hand with the fast developing discipline.

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We can exchange unrepairable control units for already repaired ones.

Although the most common solution is to repair the control unit, there are certain types of control units and types of faults that can not be repaired. For these cases, our customers can benefit from our wide stock of repaired ECUs. Commonplace is an adaptation of the repaired control unit for a given vehicle. All data in the control unit will be retained.

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Very popular product is the repair or exchange of the control unit for MAN trucks

Specificaly this is the engine control unit Bosch EDC 7 for models TGA, TGL and TGX. The most common cause of control unit damage is a suffusion of the control unit with oil, leading to a complete failure of the control unit. Diagnostics writes a fault message "communication with the ECU is not possible.” However, the control unit suffused with oil is often repairable. We manage to repair 63 % of of control units with such damage. The remaining 37 % of unrepairable control units are exchanged for a repaired piece and complete data are overwritten from the original control unit to repaired one. Orders from customers with trucks have priority, 80 % of these repairs we manage to finish within 3 working days. Each control unit is tested in relevant vehicle MAN before its shipping to secure 100 % certainty of the control unit functionality. Learn more here

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