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How does this work

1. Do you know what faults the diagnostics list?

A list from vehicle diagnostics is a key element before actual testing of the control unit.

If you do not have a fault codes list, visit your service station.

The car service station makes a diagnostics of ECU usually while you wait.

We can help you to choose a professional service station in your area.

Fault codes incl. descriptions identified from diagnostics should be written into the order form when placing the order.

We recommend you to enclose a copy of fault codes list into the package or to attach it as a file (PDF, JPG) when placing the order.

2. Is the control unit dismounted?

The car service station that made a car diagnostics for you will dismount your ECU.

Dismantling of ECU usually takes 30 – 60 minutes of technician´s time.

3. Choose a way of shipping to us.

A) You can send us defective ECU by any shipping carrier.

B) You can bring us defective ECU in person. We would be very glad to welcome you in our company premises.

C) You can bring us the entire vehicle. We operate a service station. We make for you a diagnostics of a car and a repair or exchange of ECU. Please arrange an appointment of your car delivery with our customer service by phone.

4. Did you fill out the order form?

The order form is a key element before actual testing of the control unit, fill it thoroughly. This document serves as the order of testing or possible repair or exchange of ECU.

The order form is available for all products on our website

You do not have to print the order form. When you fill out the order form, it automatically comes to our system and also to your email.

5. Pack the control unit.

Ensure thorough packing. Fix the control unit with padding (use paper, cardboard, foil etc.). That way you prevent its movement in all directions and possibilityof damage by denting a cardboard.

6. After delivery of a faulty ECU to our workshop, testing, eventually process of repair starts.

The test of ECU is done within 48 hours usually and if the control unit is not damaged, we ship it back to you. Testing is free of charge. If the control unit is damaged, we repair it or exchange it for another piece, including data overwrite.

7. The repaired ECU will be delivered back to you.

You can pay by one of given options. Then the technician mounts the functional control unit.

8. The technician mounts the repaired ECU back into the vehicle and it is running again.

ECU will not need any customization or further operations. All data will be retained. Everything is included in the price.