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Engine control units EEC5 - Ford

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Description Engine control units EEC5

With us you have a possibility of repair and also exchange of Engine control units EEC5 for Ford Fiesta, Ford Fiesta, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Galaxy, Ford Mondeo, Ford Mondeo, Ford Transit cars. Repair or exchange of the Engine control units EEC5 will be finished within 4 working days. Test of your broken unit is free. All data in case of repair or exchange of Engine control units EEC5 will always be retained.

Available for cars

Ford Fiesta, Ford Fiesta, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Galaxy, Ford Mondeo, Ford Mondeo, Ford Transit

Typical product errors Engine control units EEC5

  • No ignition spark on 2 cylinders
  • The engine control unit does not communicate with diagnostics
  • The engine does not burn one or more cylinders

Original product numbers Engine control units EEC5

OM codes

LP2-319, LP4-335, LP2-320, LP2-315, LP4-336, LP4-322, LP2-318, LP4-323, LB0-110, LB0-140, LB0-230, LB0-320, LP2-317, LP2-337, LB0-142, LB0-323, LPE-107, LPE-101, LPE-106, LPE-301, MLP-427, LPE-307, LPE-514, LP4-331, LP4-332, LPA-331, LPE-311, MLP-417, LP2-310, LP2-300, LPE-627, LPE-516, LPE-526, LPE-517, LP2-338, LP4-321, LP2-111, LP2-375, LP3-300

OEM codes

1M50-12A650-AE, 1M5F-12A650-BB, 1M5F-12A650-BC, 1M5F-12A650-BD, 1M5F-12A650-BE, 1M5F-12A650-BF, 1M5F-12A650-GC, 1M5F-12A650-GD, 1M5F-12A650-GE, 1M5F-12A650-SB, 1S4A-12A650-BB, 1S4A-12A650-BC, 1S4A-12A650-BD, 1S4F-12A650-BD, 1S4F-12A650-DB, 1S4F-12A650-DD, 1S4F-12A650-DE, 1S4F-12A650-FB, 1S4F-12A650-PB, 1S5A-12A650-CA, 1S5F-12A650-AB, 1S5F-12A650-BC, 1S5F-12A650-BD, 1S6A-12A650-DA, 1S6A-12A650-EA, 1S6F-12A650-DC, 1S6F-12A650-DD, 1S6F-12A650-ED, 1S6F-12A650-HA, 1S6F-12A650-JA, 1S7F-12A650-BD, 1S7F-12A650-DAF, 1S7F-12A650-DD, 1S7F-12A650-JC, 1S7F-12A650-KD, 1S7F-12A650-KE, 1S7F-12A650-LD, 1S7F-12A650-LE, 1SfF-12A650-KE, 1U7A-12A650-AA, 2M2F-12A650-CD, 2S4A-12A650-TA, 2S4A-12A650-TB, 2S4A-12A650-TC, 2S4A-12A650-TD, 2S4A-12A650-UA, 2S4A-12A650-UC, 2S4A-12A650-UD, 2S7A-12A650-ABB, 2S7A-12A650-ACA, 2S7A-12A650-ADA, 2S7A-12A650-ADB, 2S7A-12A650-FB, 3C1A-12A650-DA, 4C11-12A650-FA, 4S71-12A650-ZB, 4S7A-12A650-FB, 4S7A-12A650-GB, 5S71-12A650-BD, 96FB-12A650-ACA, 96FB-12A650-GB, 96FB-12A650-MA, 96GB-12A650-CD, 97BB-12A650-AAB, 97BB-12A650-ABB, 97BB-12A650-ACB, 97BB-12A650-MD, 97BB-12A650-ME, 97BB-12A650-RE, 97FB-12A650-ALA, 97FB-12A650-ASC, 97KB-12A650-BD, 97VW-12A650-AD, 98AB-12A650-CAG, 98AB-12A650-CCG, 98AB-12A650-CDG, 98AB-12A650-CEG, 98AB-12A650-CFF, 98AB-12A650-CFG, 98AB-12A650-CFJ, 98AB-12A650-CGG, 98AB-12A650-CSA, 98AB-12A650-CTC, 98AB-12A650-CWA, 98AB-12A650-CXA, 98AB-12A650-CXC, 98AB-12A650-CXF, 98AB-12A650-CYA, 98AB-12A650-CYC, 98AB-12A650-CYD, 98AB-12A650-CZD, 98AB-12A650-CZE, 98AB-12A650-DAB, 98BB-12A650-BAA, 98BB-12A650-BBA, 98BB-12A650-BDA, 98BB-12A650-BF, 98BB-12A650-BGA, 98BB-12A650-BTF, 98BB-12A650-BVB, 98BB-12A650-KH, 98FB-12A650-GA, 98FB-12A650-PA, 98KB-12A650-DA, 98VW-12A650-EA, 98VW-12A650-GA, 98VW-12A650-GB, 98VW-12A650-HB, 98VW-12A650-KA, BPYM2A-12A650-FB, XBPF-12A650-AB, XM2F-12A650-DA, XM2F-12A650-DB, XS5F-12A650-FA, XS5F-12A650-HA, XS6F-12A650-ADA, XS6F-12A650-AHB, XS6F-12A650-AJA, XS6F-12A650-AKA, XS6F-12A650-AKB, XS6F-12A650-APB, XS6F-12A650-NA, XS6F-12A650-PA, XS6F-12A650-PB, XS7F-12A650-BD, XS7F-12A650-FB, XS7F-12A650-PA, XS7F-12A650-RA, XS7F-12A650-RB, XS7F-12A650-TC, YF73-18881, YM2A-12A650-FD, YM2A-12A650-FE, YS6F-12A650-DA, YS7F-12A650-CA, 1S4F-12A650-BE, 2S4A-12A650-UB, 1M5F-12A650-BF